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Our partner team building specialist is at your disposal to animate an activity within the Villa.

You would like to be able to rely on autonomous and close-knit teams and their capacity for innovation, but
  • the disappointment is often there, you feel that the teams could contribute more to the performance of the company
  • the organization of work is struggling to get out of a silo mode
  • the internal organization remains individualistic and centered on the "business technique".

Why such a situation ?

In a context of pressure of results, group dynamics is not a priority: what a paradox!
Without lasting cohesion, cooperation is not possible.
But cohesion can not be decreed.

How to do ?
To create the lasting bond of cohesion one must:
  • that individuals know each other better
  • that they share a common adventure that will weld them together
  • they learn to communicate better and help each other
So a team can be born!

At 1 + 1 = 4 we chose a universal link and accessible to all: The kitchen. It creates a climate and educational situations conducive to cohesion.

Introduce cohesion in your teams by organizing a "tasting workshop".

On a day it allows teams:
  • Create a friendly atmosphere
  • To get to know each other better
  • To live the experience of a complicity
  • To lay the foundations for a new team spirit
  • To apprehend solidarity skills

Our workshops can meet and adapt to sales, management, waste reduction, etc. (contact us)

From 1380 € HT including the logistics and the animation + 20 € HT of expenses of stewardship by participant.

Your facilitator

Johann Gauthier has put his passion at the service of his humanist convictions and his excellence: fostering interrelations to create a positive group dynamic.

To learn more about organizing your cohesion workshop: