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Waveboat Charles & Ashton
Unique in Morbihan, take advantage of our Waveboat for 6 people and go offshore to one of the islands of Morbihan. We transport you free at sea to an island where you can enjoy one of the beaches with transparent water and practice our nautical activities.

We offer sessions of 10 min per person with a choice of towed buoy (2 people), wakeboard (towed surfboard), Chipper (rigid buoy for multi-position sit-stand ...). Possibility with the pilot of a jetski trip for 2 people around one of the selected islands.

Depending on the weather, departure at 11 am near the villa and return 4 pm. Head to an island aboard the Waveboat with music of your choice connected to a bluetooth phone. Your picnic for lunch on the beach with the possibility of gas barbecue. According to your desires, relaxation on the beach, nautical activities, swimming, jet ski ride ...

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