Hikes on the Presqu'ile de Rhuys

All the hikes on the Rhuys Peninsula (Sarzeau, Arzon, Saint-Gildas de Rhuys, Le Tour du Parc and Saint-Armel) as well as Theix-Noyalo and Surzur. You can filter by distance and difficulty. Click here to discover and browse the map.

Villa Charles & Ashton, is happy to offer you the rental of bicycles, delivered directly to the Villa, in partnership with Véloc'Ouest : Muscle bikes, electric bikes, rides, or hikes, child seats and child trailers, everything is possible to meet your expectations and needs.

Ideal for exploring the Presqu'Île de Rhuys, discovering the markets of Sarzeau or St Gildas or going on an adventure to the Château de Suscinio.

Take advantage of free delivery for Villa Charles & Ashton in SARZEAU with ourpromotional code to request before confirming your bike rental with our partner (free delivery from a rental of 2 bikes and 2 days minimum).

Book online until 5 p.m. to benefit from delivery the next morning! Click here to reserve your bikes.