Idea for a group stay and weekend in Morbihan - Rhuys peninsula - Sarzeau

Group stay or weekend in Morbihan , here is an idea for those who wish to meet in a group of family or friends in the Gulf of Morbihan .

Day 1 :

- Arrival late in the afternoon in Morbihan at Saint-Jacques de Sarzeau , in 5-star group accommodation 100m from the beach . This accommodation has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, cinema room...

Day 2:

- After breakfast, go for a few minutes by the sea on the GR34 . This hiking trail is 100 m from the villa. As you go, on your left, you will discover the port of Saint Jacques de Sarzeau . Going to the right, you will discover Saint Gildas de Rhuys "the city of artists" .

- The afternoon,choose your activities just 10-20 minutes from your accommodation:

  1. Rent kayaks to discover the Gulf of Morbihan from Logéo Sarzeau: Discover the Gulf of Morbihan at your own pace. Rent one or more inflatable canoes and kayaks offering 3-4 seats. Stable and reassuring, ideal for a family stroll in the Gulf of Morbihan, you choose your departure location. To rent click here!
  2. Private cruise in the Gulf with skipper to discover the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan: To find out more, click here!
  3. Rent electric bikes to travel the marked trails of the Rhuys Peninsula: The right rental company isveloc'ouest which ensures you deliver the bikes to your place of departure and they will pick them up wherever you want! To find cycling routes on the Rhuys peninsula, click here!
  4. Visit the Château de Suscinio : This majestic castle built between the 13th and 15th century in Sarzeau was one of the favorite residences of the Dukes of Brittany.
  5. Direction the Port of Navalo to discover the island of monks -Beautiful island in the sea
  6. The weather is not good! Head to Celt'Aventures with an indoor Escape Game "The Jewels of Duchess Anne": Discover unexpected surprises, explore secret compartments and manipulate clever mechanisms. Get ready for 90 to 120 minutes of exhilarating adventure, perfect for unforgettable moments with family or friends.

- In the evening, go to dinner facing the sea with a breathtaking view! at the restaurant "l'ENDROIT" in Saint Jacques Sarzeau

Day 3:

- In the morning, go discover Saint Gildas de Rhuys on the GR34: a 45-minute hike, and come back with your market in this city of artists.

- Relaxing afternoon, to enjoy the entertainment of your accommodation (swimming pool, jacuzzi, etc.)