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You will find on this page the information and conditions of the rental contract.

The stages of your reservation:
1. After you have booked online, you will receive confirmation and documents of your stay.
2. You must send us by e-mail the list of participants (appendix 1) 30 days before the start of the stay, a piece of identification of the signatory tenant and a certificate of insurance with your home insurer (included usually in home insurance) at the dates of the stay.
3. The deposit of 30% of the amount of your reservation is debited the same day via your credit card.
4. 40 to 30 days before your stay, the balance of the booking amount is charged to your credit card (in the case of an online booking made less than 30 days before the date of stay, the total amount of the reservation is debited from your Bank Card).
5.The deposit of 2 000 € is made only by credit card before the handing over of the keys.
6. The taking of the premises is determined by us either by a representative of the Villa Charles & Ashton, or by a box with keys with code (the code is transmitted by telephone before your arrival).
7. The state of entry is made contradictorily together at the time of your arrival, or it is done by you and you have 24 hours to send us the anomalies found.
8. At your departure, an inventory of the places of exit is carried out contradictorily together or carried out by our care and we have 8 days to transmit to you the observed anomalies.
Looking forward to welcoming you soon, we send you our sincere greetings.
The direction

This rental is made to the charges and conditions appearing on the online booking and to the following general conditions:
This lease is entered into as a temporary and recreational residence.
The contract ceases automatically for failure to pay the deposit and the balance of the lease, without the need to give leave. The lease may not be extended without the prior written consent of the owner.
BOOKING by the tenant:
The renter making an online reservation and transmitting by email the complete list of participants. The deposit of 30% of the amount of the stay is debited the same day of the reservation.
The balance of the rent is debited 1 month before the first day of rental by transfer only.
These provisions are applicable as well if there is cancellation by the tenant as the owner.
Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter.
More than 60 days before the beginning of the stay: the owner returns the deposit paid.
Less than 60 days before the beginning of the stay: By the tenant, he loses the deposit. By the owner, he reimburses twice the deposit paid.
In case of no presentation of the customer, cancellation by the customer and non-payment of the balance 30 days before the rental, the contract is terminated and the deposit is acquired to the owner who can then dispose of the rental.
The balance of the rental paid is refunded up to 30 days after the date of the last day of rental provided by transfer in the following cases of grounds for cancellation with supporting documents (we draw your attention that we may be required to verify the receipts through our insurance expert):
-Death, illness or serious injury to persons including those staying with the tenant and whose identity is mentioned in the contract in Schedule 1,
-Great material damage to the tenant's personal residence forcing him to stay there,
- Accidental damage to the vehicle by the renter's vehicle to get to the scene during the journey and as long as it results in the immobilization of the vehicle at least 2 days.
-Change of employer, economic dismissal or professional transfer imposed on the tenant, his spouse or cohabiting partner, provided that these decisions unknown at the time of the reservation of the stay, are notified by the employer,
-Suppression or modification at the initiative of the employer, the dates of paid leave of the tenant, his spouse or cohabiting partner granted in writing before registration to the lease and provided that the notification of the employer is justified by imperative service requirements
- The tenant, his spouse or cohabitant during the rental period, an internship or employment by employment center or by a body that are substituted in the matter,
-Convocation of the tenant, his spouse or cohabiting partner to a review or administrative competition, a procedure before an administration or a court and provided that these events, unknown at the time of booking, coincide with the rental period,
In the case where the customer can not justify the reasons for cancellation listed above, the non-recoverable rental balance is as follows:
=>50% of the amount of the stay for a cancellation between 30 and 21 days before arrival
=> 75% of the amount of the stay for a cancellation between 20 and 8 days before arrival
=> 90% of the amount of the stay for a cancellation between 7 and 2 days before arrival
=> 100% of the amount of the stay for a cancellation 2 days before arrival or if the tenant did not show up
The amount of the rent, any charges and the deposit are indicated at the time of your booking online.
Upon arrival, before handing over the keys, the tenant will pay by credit card to the owner the sum of 2 000 €, as a deposit or security deposit, to respond to damage that may be caused to the movable or other objects on the premises rented.
Any object lost, broken, damaged or damaged must be replaced or refunded to the owner at its replacement value by the tenant who requires it.
This deposit, non-interest bearing, can in no way be considered as the payment of part of the rent.
It will be refunded after the return of the keys and after deduction, if necessary, of the rental repairs, at the latest within 10 days of his departure (order of January 8, 1993).
A contradictory inventory will be made on the day of arrival. In case of failure to perform the inventory provided on arrival, impossibility or choice of the tenant, he will have 24 hours to check the inventory provided and report to the owner the anomalies found. After this period, the rented goods will be considered as free from damage to the tenant's entrance.

In case of non realization of the inventory at the departure, because of a choice of the tenant, or because of a departure time other than that envisaged initially with the contract, and incompatible with the schedule, the owner unilaterally performs the inventory at the scheduled time and returns the deposit within one week of departure, in the absence of damage and subject to restoration. If the owner notices damage, he must inform the tenant within a week, and the deposit will be treated as specified above.
The cleaning of the premises is included in the rental. However, a sum of € 200 will be retained for the cleaning of the premises in cases where the general cleanliness would not be treated "in good father" ie clean and tidy kitchen, dishware made, towels used in the basket to linen, sanitary clean, soil with no visible deposit of any kind, cleaned barbecue and garbage cans emptied in the outer containers of the housing estate.
The return of the keys to the owner, at the end of the lease, does not imply renunciation of the owner to compensation for rental repairs, if it proves that the damage is the tenant's fault.
The premises can not be used as a main or even secondary dwelling and the tenant can not practice any commercial, craft or professional activity there. Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code as well as by the conditions provided for herein. The premises which are the subject of the present renting must not, under any pretext, be occupied by a number of people superior to that indicated in the particular conditions, except with the prior agreement of the owner.
The lessee must be insured to an insurance company well known for the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for its rental risks and for the furniture given for rent, as well as for the remedies of the neighbors, and to justify to the first requisition of the owner.Consequently, the latter declines any responsibility for the recourse that his insurance company could exert against the tenant in case of disaster. Children remain under the exclusive responsibility of adults especially for access to the pool, jacuzzi, terrace of the 1st floor, up or down the stairs. A holiday certificate must be sent to the owner on the same date as the transmission of the contract.
He is obliged:
1. To occupy the bourgeois places, to the exclusion of the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant
recognizing that this lease is only granted to him as a temporary and recreational residence, a major condition
without which the present rent would not have been granted to him.
2. To do nothing that, because of his or her family or relationships, could harm the tranquility of the neighborhood or
other occupants.
3. In the case of rental in a multi-family building, comply, as occupant of the premises, with the by-laws of
the building, which he will be aware of by posting or on communication from the owner.
4. Occupy the premises personally and can not under any circumstances sub-let, even for free, or assign his rights to the
present rent, except written agreement of the owner.
5. Do not make any changes or changes in the layout of furniture and places.
6. Do not introduce any pets (dogs, cats, etc.) into the rented premises without prior authorization from the owner.
the possibility of detention being conditional on the animal causing no damage to the building, nor any disturbance
enjoyment in the neighborhood.
7. To leave during the rent, in the rented places, the works whose manifest urgency does not allow their postponement.
8. Maintain the rented premises and make them in a good state of cleanliness and rental repairs at the end of enjoyment.
9. Immediately inform the owner of any damage and damage occurring in the rented premises, even if
no apparent damage results.
10.Respond to damage and losses that happen by their own doing or by people from their home, during
the enjoyment of the premises, unless it proves that they took place without his fault or that of the persons named above.
11. Inform in advance the day and time of arrival. Make an appointment for the three-day check out
Before his departure.
He is obliged to:
1. Deliver the rented premises in good condition for use and repairs, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good
operating state.
2. Insure the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and guarantee it of the vices and defects likely to hinder it.
3. Maintain premises in a state of service for the intended purpose.
4. Except in the case of an obvious emergency, do not carry out work in the rented premises during the rental period: all work
will entail compensation of the tenant, for the disturbances of pleasure undergone.
5. In case of renting in a building, communicate to the tenant the rules of the building or
post it in the common areas of the building.
For the execution hereof, the parties elect domicile at their respective addresses indicated on the front. In case of dispute, the competent court will be that of the location of the leased premises.